Top 10 ingredients used by Paan Aroma.


Paan aroma is the best shop where you could find 100 + types of flavored paans. Paan aroma provides tasty, delicious and hygienic paan. They are the no.1 retail chain of the real taste of Banarasi paan. Paan aroma will make your day tasty and fresh. Here are some top 10 ingredients used by paan aroma.

Top 10 ingredients used by Paan aroma.

  1. Betel Leaves – Paan aroma is the best in choosing their ingredients and one of the main ingredients in paan is betel leaves. Betel leaves are loaded with good health benefits and Paan Aroma uses fresh and good quality betel leaves.
  2. Gulkand – Paan aroma use gulkand, made with sundried rose petals and sugar. In addition to being a natural coolant, it also helps with a range of issues including acidity, headache, lethargy.
  3. Edible limestone/ chuna – Paan aroma believes in the consumption of chuna with betel leaves. It is a rich source of calcium and that’s scientifically proven. Now you can take benefits of taste as well as health.
  4. Sweet Cherry – Paan aroma puts sweet cherry because it’s the main ingredient and it is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which is good for health and it may improve sleep quality. Paans are the best mouth fresheners after your meals you can grab one and enjoy it.
  5. Betel nut / Supari – Paan aroma uses betel nut in paan, it’s also the main ingredient, and Chewing the betel nut stimulates the flow of saliva to aid digestion. Betel nut also has been used to stimulate the appetite. Chewing paan is an ancient thing which is done till now and it will also continue in the future. Taste great paans by Paan Aroma.
  6. Saunf – Paan aroma knows better, exactly knows how to make their clients happy by giving them a good taste of paan and multiple health benefits. Saunf helps to combat bad breath and improves digestive health. Paan aroma will make your mouth fresh and your stomach healthy.
  7. Tutti fruity – Paan Aroma is known for its ingredients and they use good quality ingredients as they know the worth of their paans. Feel like a royal person after taking the first bite of their paans. Tutti fruity is not just colored cherries but they also have some benefits like stimulating creativity and imagination.
  8. Dry coconut – Dry coconut gives you a dry texture in your favorite paan and Paan Aroma’s style of making paan will take your taste to the next level and you will get addicted to their paan when you try them. You can order online from their website:
  9. Cardamom – Paan Aroma uses cardamom, without cardamom you cannot imagine a paan to taste great. Cardamom basically helps to prevent bad breath and make your mouth fresh and cool. Paan aroma gives you so many flavored paans, they have 100+ options but they use classic ways and basic ingredients to make it real.
  10. Flavors – Paan Aroma has 100+ flavored paan. They use organic ways to make it healthy like Kesar so, they use real Kesar to make paan taste real. These ingredients make your paan and your day great!

These are the top 10 ingredients used by paan aroma but there are so many more but for them, you must have to order one from the website of paan aroma


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